Facility Renovation Updates

The museum is now open to the public with regular museum operating hours. The museum will remain open while facility expansion construction continues throughout the year. For information or ways to schedule a virtual tour, please contact us as info@frontiertexas.com.

Facility Renovation and Expansion Overview

As Frontier Texas is in its twentieth year, we have been preparing to serve future generations. We’ve spent many years planning and waiting for the right time to expand the facilities to better serve the educational goals of our students and better attract tourists.

A new Exhibit Gallery will provide space to display temporary exhibits and host uniquely curated exhibits. Enclosing the current outdoor pavilion for an Education Center will allow there to be a dedicated space for additional educational programs and community events. A new Archives Space will provide safety and preservation of existing and newly acquired artifacts. A new additional parking lot will allow greater capacity leading more guests to enter from the west into a redesigned lobby that will have a higher guest capacity and new inspirational exhibits.

"This is the key to preserving a heritage, for it to be passed from person to person, from old to young, linking generation to generation."